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Reich" Frank Grube Gerhard Richter (Hoffmann u Campe; 1st edition 19s/1940s publication of the BDM from m digital archives "The Shame of Survival: Working Through a Nazi Childhood", Penn State University Press, 2009. BDM-Werk Glaube und Schönheit Faith and Beauty Society which was voluntary and open to girls between the ages of 17 and. 1914 who was 27 at the time of her appointment and was discharged already in February 1942, as she too had married.

While these ages are general guidelines, there were exceptions for members holding higher (salaried) leadership positions, starting at the organizational level of "Untergau". Citation needed In 1939, a new uniform was introduced for regional and national leaders within the League of German Girls, and along with the new uniforms came new rank insignia for leaders. At first, the League consisted of two sections: the.

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